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June 27, 2014

Performance Enhancement Specialists (PES) are certified individuals specializing in providing professional, cutting-edge performance assessments and designing individual, sport-specific programs proven to enrich athletic performance. Our very own Dr. Jason de la Bruyere has become a part of this elite distinction of sports specialists!

With his PES certification, Dr. de la Bruyere will work with athletes of all levels, sports, and ages, from weekend warriors to professionals, to ensure they are playing to the best of their ability. Recognized by the National Academy of Sports Medicine, these Doctors have aided in the success of several patients who have achieved new personal bests in an array of sports through the use of mental imagery and advanced exercise techniques.

If you’re an athlete looking to raise your performance to a new height, call us at 201-880-9810 and make an appointment today!

June 25, 2014

Lenny Finds a family through Paramus adopt-a-pet programWagging his tail into our hearts is Lenny! Rescued from a kill shelter by Furry Tail Endings Canine Rescue and set up with a foster family in Georgia while he was fully vetted and temperament tested, this adorable and friendly pup really needed a family of his own. Through our Adopt-A-Pet program, Lenny found his way into Mike and Liana’s hearts and soon found his days filled with long naps in his new bed (in many hilarious positions), long hikes through the woods, and more friends than he could count, humans and dogs alike!

“Lenny has brought so much joy into our lives in only a short time,” Mike writes, “and we are looking forward to making many more memories with him!”

Thinking about getting a pet? Adopt! We believe in helping those without a voice, and this includes homeless animals. Our adoption program offers patients up to $300 in adoption fees for those adopting from animal shelters or rescue organizations. Ask about it at your next visit!

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