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May 15, 2013

Steve is a retired book salesman who has successfully managed his type 2 diabetes for 17 years. After his activity levels decreased due to multiple back surgeries, his blood sugar increased to unusually high levels. For the first time in 17 years Steve faced the real possibility of becoming insulin dependent. Determined not to become just another statistic, Steve chose instead to change his lifestyle and began our Metabolic Rehabilitation Program!

We regularly monitored Steve’s blood glucose and HbA1c results, and created a personalized exercise program for him that included his favorite activity, walking his dog! And Steve has turned his life around for the better! In only 6 weeks on our program, Steve dropped his sugar levels from an average of 280 to an astonishing average of 140 — a 50% reduction! Steve is no longer facing a need for insulin and has taken control of his life again. We even counseled Steve’s wife, a culinary teacher, about new ways to incorporate her talents in the kitchen to help Steve continue his program at home!

We are honored to have helped you achieve better health, Steve. Keep up the amazing work!

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